History And Future Of Marriage And Family Therapy

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After reading two articles it was interesting to note the differences and similarities between the two intellectual and highly respected individuals within the field of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). Each makes many valid points yet with such opposing viewpoints. By taking a closer look at some specific areas one may see that though these men have different beliefs on how treatment should be conducted, there are also some parallels. Some of the topics will include the history and future of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT), what they agree and disagree on along with the challenges each has dealt with. Finally the author of this paper will provide insight as to what this means for her as she begins her journey to becoming a Marriage and Family therapist. Challenges Mr. Framo being one of the earlier advocates for MFT had several challenges throughout his career. He was particularly interested in intergenerational roles along with the family origin issues. During 1950’s the thought of treating the source of the problem was highly unorthodox, and he faced many issues while attempting to focus on this issues. Another belief was that if a marriage were in trouble then the children of that marriage could then have issues because of it. These things caused many to obstacles that he eventually managed to bypass becoming a very influential person and a forerunner in the arena of marriage and family therapy. Mr. Fraenkel appears to have come up against many walls through
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