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Amrozia Shahram History 1301. P09 Essay History is integral part of our lives and historians play an important role to preserve history. Historians are present in every society. They have been around probably throughout the history of humanity. Their work however has become more methodical and systematic now. Modern day historians spend a lot of time searching for the truth from various sources of past information. These days so much information is available and this information is interpreted with so many different angles that a common reader can easily get confused. Most importantly the job of historian is to compile the history and events in most truthful manner and narrate them in the appropriate context. Simple form of narration would be to just to put events together in certain form of order. But job of the historian is more complex and intricate. A historian tries to put pieces together and fill in the common gaps in those pieces. Certain information can also be contradictory to other pieces of information from the past. Sometimes information has been distorted either intentionally or unintentionally. A good historian tries to bring all that information in the most appropriate order, clear all ambiguities and make the information easy to interpret for common people. History teachers similarly make information and learning easy for their students. Everyone is connected deeply to its history and past. Societies and whole mankind have deep connections to history.

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