History And History : History Repeating Itself

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When it comes to the topic of history repeating itself, some say that history is like a pattern that does nothing but repeat itself. Other say it does not repeat itself but that it rhymes. Some proclaim on their believe, that there is no connection between and history event that leads to “history repeating itself”. Different claims are made however I am one to believe that history does repeat itself. It does not repeat itself by event occurring exactly the same, yet with similar attitudes to certain thing. Similar situations are always occurring just with different people, time, and in different ways. Two similar ‘events’ that occurred in history were that of slaver and that of the holocaust. Both Occurred in different times, yet both happened because of discrimination towards people of a different race than those committing the acts. These two ‘events’ are a reflection on how poor people reactions where, and how history tends to repeat itself, just in a different matter. History repeats itself and the way to show it is the two horrific events in different but similar ways a, the Holocaust and slavery and the poor reaction on people. Both the holocaust and slavery had to do with discrimination. They both focus on discrimination a certain race, and/or on an aspect of appearance. The pain was different both in a way quite similar. Both were forced to work for another ‘race’ that felt more superior to them and other races. Both would have to go through the pain of…
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