History And History Of Corrections

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History of Corrections
Sarah Barnett
Criminal Justice 1101
Mrs. Childs

History of Corrections

Corrections have been around since almost the beginning of the nomadic time of people. The Huns developed systems of punishment for behavior or resistance throughout Mongolia. Because of the development of agriculture cities started to become more populated and cultures and fears of people taking advantage or causing harm to others became more and more widespread. This led to more formal systems of punishment and corrections for crimes developed. These rules based on cultures, and also the early Babylonian laws of Hammurabi and the Hammurabi code.
In Ancient China, law enforcement was carried out by what they called Prefects and this existed for thousands of years. These prefects were like today 's police. They oversaw the civil administration of their prefecture or jurisdiction. They usually reported to the local magistrate, just as modern police report to judges today. This concept of the prefecture system eventually spread to other cultures such as Korea and Japan.
In Ancient Greece and Rome, crime was viewed as more private matters. Even the offenses such as murder was the prerogative of the victim’s family and because of this private wars started and personal vendettas were caused. Slaves that were publicly owned were usually used by magistrates to guard public meetings and keeping order and crowd control. They also assisted with dealing with criminals, manhandling…

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