History And History: The Past And The Past?

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Language is a complex and complicated system of symbols and sounds which occasionally becomes the source of misunderstandings. Most of the time, there are certain words that hold various meanings. One very specific example of which is the word History. History can be defined in numerous ways, such as the past and the study concerning the past. Whilst both definitions sound the same, there is a clear distinction between the two.
The main difference between them is that history expressed as the past refers to the entire series of events that took place before a given point in time, while history as the study of the past is the branch of knowledge that deals with past events.
The past involves everything that has occurred since the beginning of time — every human being’s thoughts and actions, every plant that grows in the forest, every physical and chemical transformation, and more since the dawn of time.
In contrast to that, History as a study tackles the interpretation of records left over from the past. It is the process of deciphering evidence in a thoughtful and informed manner which is used to inquire and acquire
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The study of our past opens the door to understanding the way people live their lives today. All the dead culture may have contributed to the rich traditions that certain tribes possess today. Thus, history provides insights into cultures of origin and as well as the cultures that most are not familiar with, thereby increasing cultural awareness. Moreover, the lifeless men whose corpses are most likely 20-feet below the ground may have been teachers who imparted knowledge, soldiers who died fighting for freedom, doctors saving millions of ailing patients, or may even be the first men who roamed around the earth. Knowing history provides identity in which evidences reveal how families, groups and institutions came to
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