History And Introduction Of The International Court Of Justice

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1. History and Introduction to the International Court of Justice
The traditional establishment of the ad hoc tribunals formed as a permanent “Court of Arbitration”, this organ so formed was under the League of Nations which was later replaced by The International Court of Justice after the World War II [1].
The International court of Justice so formed is the principal judicial organ of the U.N. It is the foundation of June, 1945 which holds seat at The Peace Palace, Hague, Netherlands. It began to function (for the purpose of its establishment) in April, 1946. The organ is composed of 15 Judges, elected by the U.N G.A. and The Security council for each one to hold office for a term of 9 years. The assistance be by the REGISTRY who holds judicial and administrative functions during the functioning of the court. The official languages are English and French.
The ICJ holds a Two-fold Jurisdiction [2]:
1. Jurisdiction in Contentious Cases: The Court in its legal nature has authority to settle disputes submitted to it by the states be it on unilateral application (when one states files against the other state and is represented by v.) or on special agreement (represented by stroke / and is when both the parties agree to move to the court for the settlement) basis, they being decided in accordance with international law.
2. Advisory Jurisdiction: When the U.N., its organs or any other specialized agencies need an advisory opinion on any legal question then they can seek…

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