History And Its Impact On The Elementary School System

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History classes have always been a requirement for high school students to graduate. Some of these classes include United States history, Government, and World History. Although, there is a lack of any classes dealing with local history. State history alone only receives attention in the elementary school system and about a week in Government class. All school systems should include, in the required classes to take to receive a high school diploma, a local history class, so that the students may have a knowledge of the place where they live. Although, a more underlining issue behind local history needs to be answered first. In the general world of history, “local history is too often in the hands of ‘… dedicated amateurs …’” (Hicken…show more content…
They should rather figure out their own history and help out the poor amateurs trying their best to put the puzzle together. Furthermore, local history in general needs to be cared about more. Like said before, “the top level of prestige” among historians “is occupied by those who teach African or Asian history” (Hicken 1). This “prestige” is also portrayed very well by Herb Block’s political cartoon "Except for Those of Us Who Are above It.” Which, displays bureaucrats sitting on top of Washington above everyone else, with a caption “Equal Justice Under Law.” Which, shows that those of more important roles consider themselves better than the lower rules. All together, this shows that after people spend countless years in school and in the work force being a historian, they are studying the histories abroad and of more accomplishment, rather than their own with facts that have no meaning. Although, even major historians have hypocritically “given themselves over to the study of some phase of history which, in the long run, amounted to only a minor aspect of a larger problem” (Hicken 1). Yet, they ridicule local history and those who research it. These issues amongst historians are the major underlying issues when proposing the concept of a local history class. Now, looking at local history in a more positive light; it has an impression on the current environments people are surrounded with. What has happened in the past has shaped the places people
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