History And Philosophy Midterm Paper

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Philosophy Midterm Paper For centuries scientists have been studying everything from evolution to space. During that time, there have also been projects upon projects that were taken on by new, emerging scientists who will continue the work of the teams who came before them. Each new team brings a new discovery. Something that was previously just a question, such as “what makes us water different than dirt?”, has now been answered due to dozens of different teams all working towards the same goal. Thanks to those scientists, we now know what makes water special. It’s not a physical property, such as colorless, but it’s the fact that it’s made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms (F. Jabr 4). Taking this concept of discovery, we can apply it to something more complex such as the definition of life. Life is complicated, and many teams of researchers and scientists alike have worked towards the goal of defining it. Before reading this article, it was assumed that the scientific community could basically agree on one conclusion: A living thing has order, grows and develops, maintains homeostasis, has a metabolic structure, reacts to stimuli, reproduces, and evolves. This definition of life can be compacted into this simple statement made by NASA, “[Life is] a self-sustaining system capable of Darwinian evolution.” However, this statement has been proven untrue by Ferris Jabr’s theory that life doesn’t actually exist because it’s a concept rooted in the human mind. The reason he

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