History And Systems Of Psychology

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History and Systems of Psychology is a course requirement offered to Psychology majors and minors. This course is used to provide majors and minors with the foundation and the evolution of the field of psychology. Within this class, many scholars of discussed. Two scholars that stood out to me in this course would be John Watson and Max Wertheimer. These two particular scholars are responsible for two of the most influential and famous schools of thought, behaviorism and Gestalt psychology. These two schools of thought are responsible for changing the field of psychology and introducing the field to new theories and ways of thinking. Although the two schools of thought are similar in being influential but they are different in many ways. The two schools of thought are even said to be contradictory of one another and one is even said to be the cause of the fading out of the other.
John Watson was born January 9, 1878 and he died September 25, 1958. He grew up in South Carolina (Cherry, 2014). John Watson grew up in a poor and dysfunctional family. His mother was Christian and she, therefore, wanted to raise him to be Christian. His father, on the other hand, was a bad man. He did drugs and got in trouble. In Watson’s teenage years, he had an affair and left his family. Although Watson’s mother’s intentions were to raise him to be a good Christian man, Watson ended up being a very violent kid. Watson even found himself in trouble with the law, just as his dad did. Later in
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