History And The Origin Of The Sport

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The sport that I am currently playing and am researching for my assignment is netball.

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The game of netball originated back in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, when a 30-year old Canadian immigrant named Dr James Naismith, was asked to invent a female game of basketball after inventing the male version of basketball and having success in the male version of the sport. When the female version of basketball was first introduced, women used broomsticks for goal posts and brown paper paper bags for nets, playing the game on grassed areas. The rules and game of netball evolved when the women playing the female version of basketball found that their long skirts, pulled in waists and button up shoes made running difficult and their long shirts restricted the movement in their arms making dribbling and their limited amount of strength made long passes challenging. They later adapted the sports of basketball to accommodate to these restrictions, resulting in the birth of the game of netball.

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Netball is a game that is played on a court that is 30.5 meters wide and 15.25 meters in length, with a centre circle (in the centre of the court) and two semi circles called the goal circles. There are 7 people on each team that are on the court, although a team can have
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