History And The Texas Judiciary System

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The history of the Judicial System in Texas began in the early nineteenth century, specifically in 1836. Since then, it has gone under many changes in structure, the importance of certain roles, and many constitutional amendments. Because of all of these adjustments and layering, the Texas Judiciary System is one that is very complex and intricate with many separations and overlapping areas. One unique feature about Texas’s system is the bifurcated appellate system. This means that there are two separate courts at the highest level, both of which have specific requirements to hear certain types of cases. The only other state that follows this type of structure for their judiciary system is Oklahoma. The following information about the structure and description of each level of the judiciary system is taken from the Texas Courts government sponsored website. Starting from the very top breaking down the structure level by level, the Texas Supreme Court, one of the two Texas Supreme courts, deals with civil issues and juvenile criminal cases. The other court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, hears cases that only deal with criminal activity not involving juveniles. In addition to these highest level courts, the Texas Judiciary has several levels that lead up to these two courts. The level right below the two Supreme Courts consists of fourteen Texas courts of appeals that have been created one by one since the creation of the judiciary system in 1836. Each of these
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