History Behind Judges Analysis

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I. History Behind Judges: The Book and the Position The Book Judges is the seventh book of both the Hebrew and the Christian Bible. It recounts the events following the Book of Joshua and is linked together by the repeated account referring to Joshua's death. Though hard to chronologize, many scholars believe the period of the judges to be from about 1405 B.C. to about 1000 B.C. – the period of the judges lasted a little over 400 years. The book delineates the content therein: it contains the annals of the biblical judges. The title is derived from the Hebrew word “Shophtim” (Jdg 2:18), which in the Hebrew tongue signifies “governor”. The word is also synonymous with “judge,” “ruler,” “arbitrator,” “leader,” or “king”. The historical sequence of events lie between the conquest of the promised land (Canaan) and the…show more content…
Structure The Book of Judges falls into three sections: (1) Prologue (Jdg. 1:1-3:), (2) Main Text (Jdg. 3:7-16:31, and (3) Epilogue (Jdg. 17-21). The prologue deals with the exploits of the judges and the succeeding generations after the death of Joshua to continue the conquest of Canaan. Following this, the body of the book illustrates the seven cycles of rebellion, sin, and deliverance. Lastly, the epilogue displays the full effect of total depravity as the Israelites assimilated rather than resisted the idolatrous ways of the Canaanites.
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