Essay on History Behind the Ninjas

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Knowledge of Ninjas
Even though everyone knows their name, how much do we know really know about ninjas? Sure, we see ninjas on movies and in our books, but what part of the ninja history do we have no idea about. This research paper will explain most of the history behind the ninja.
“In modern movies and comic books, ninjas are portrayed in all-black clothing, with only their eyes showing. Actual ninjas wore navy blue for night operations. Usually, however, they dressed to blend in with their targets”(History). Clothing was important to the ninja, but something even more important to the ninja was his/her weapons. They had a few main weapons, including the following: shinobigatana, medium-length swords, the bo, naginata, war staves, and pikes(Kallie). Those were not the only weapons ninjas used. In fact, they even invented some weapons. One of was called the shuko, or an iron hand-crampon, which ninjas used to climb. One other useful item ninjas invented was the tessen, which was a sharpened metal fan(History).
There was three classes that the ninjas could be in. The highest level in the ninja social order was the Jonin. This ninja could be called the “high man.” This ninja took orders from nobody(Kallie). Chonin is the next level of the ninja social class. This ninja could be called…