History Class Assignment Analysis

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Construction board, markers, pencils, ruler and a facts sheet. I put everything in front of myself to begin. I glanced over my facts sheet one last time before beginning this project. I looked around for the ruler and grabbed it, I laid it down on the white construction board paper. I went ahead and commenced the sketch of the shape I desired. I wrote the name down and worked on the facts this assignment required. The project to draw, as well as find some facts about any state, was initiated and I choose to pick Idaho. Earlier that day in 5th grade history class, everyone was assigned to choice a state and write a paper and draw the state chosen. It was not required to do the assignment on cardboard but being myself I did. As soon as I got home I initiated the research of Idaho, I searched for enough facts then sorted out the order of them. After that I headed for the kitchen table to set off on the assignment. I finished it that day and turned it in the next day in class with the rest of the student.
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