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What were the key effects of the Spanish Civil War? Spanish Civil War was war which lasted from 1936 to 1939. For the Spanish it was “total” war, because whole available arms, weapons, economy and other sectors of country were included in this war. But the Spanish Civil War was “limited” war for foreign powers, since they hadn’t been directly included into the conflict. In this war the new technology was very significant, especially dominance of the airpower. Control of the sea was very important, too. These two segments played very important role in making decision of who is going to win the war. On the other hand, the war on land took the biggest number of lives, and that was one of the important consequences of the war. Spanish…show more content…
All land reforms made by republicans were cancelled; therefore Spain’s agricultural economy remained inefficient and ineffective. With outbreak of World War II Spain’s economy started improving, because Franco decided to be neutral in this war, but this also brought the continuity of Spain’s isolation. This isolation was result of the Civil War and it lasted until Franco’s death in 1975. Due to the Franco’s regime and his decision of cleaning the country from Republicans, half a million Spaniards went to exile. They included most of the Spanish intellectuals. The main Franco’s aim was to make as biggest division between victors and vanquished ad he could. So, after the war he forbade use of Catalan, Basque and Galician languages and centralised all power in Madrid. Then, Republicans who escaped imprisonment couldn’t find jobs, and were highly discriminated. Division of Spanish society was introduced into the whole segments of living. Therefore no one dared to stand against the Franco’s policy. Based on Spanish isolation and the fact that there was no modernization for 36 years, we can say that Spain was “frozen in time” during the Franco’s dictatorship. Spanish Civil War had effects on the international level, too. It influenced on some countries and their relations. USSR was one of the countries which were on the republican side, and the Franco’s win had effects on them. The fact that communism was defeated
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