History : Existence Of Slavery Essay

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Kristin Ikeler History 1301

Existence of Slavery in America

One of the historic foundations that the United States was formed on was known as slavery. Slavery had such an immense impact on American history from the early sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. It has facilitated in shaping the modern world, in addition to slavery had a strong role in forming the United States Constitution as we know it today. Slavery refers to an individual who is owned by others and controlled by their owners. A slave was considered property, an item that has ownership, and as all items of property could be purchased and or sold by said owner, that same concept was applied to a slave. Slaves were used for many purposes, for personal services, military, and for economic production. African Americans where easy targets to enslave for the simple fact that they didn’t have guns like the Europeans, so they were not able to fight back. ( They did not have a military to defend themselves and their technology of defense was less advanced than that of America or Britain. The birth of slavery in America emerged when the first Africans were brought to the North American colonies. A Dutch ship arrived at Jamestown, VA in 1619, among this ship were African men and women, and were the very first recorded to land in America. Although, there was no evidence stating that the first African people were slaves
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