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When a candidate is running for president, they tell us what we want to hear; to get our votes. It is very understandable the reasoning behind it but at the same time we start believing all their word. By the time they are elected our new president of these United States, they have the support of everyone they fooled into believing their blind promises. We fall into their guarantee of topics they claimed they were going to address, and problematic issues they stated would change as soon as they were elected into the White House. As soon as they get inaugurated they still have no idea what is in store for them, the promises made to the public are suddenly pushed to the end of their priority list. Maybe they really wanted to fulfill the…show more content…
Do we just LIVE our lives FREE and HAPPY? The unalienable rights everyone‘s promised are just that; promises, it depends on the person how they interpret them and if they realize if it even pertains to them. “All men are created equal” is a famous line in our “Declaration of Independence” that was challenged by women activists that soon pointed out that women should be included and at the Seneca Falls convention Elizabeth Cady Stanton rewrote it to say “all men and women are created equal” (Stanton 43). When the “Declaration” was originally written women were not considered the same as men. Women were belittled and seen as property of their man. When Cady Stanton challenged the “Declaration” the historical document that promises the world to its American people questioned the validity of the document. Any promise made to the American people had been realized as incorrect as well as a void document. The American promise, before women’s rights being addressed, had been solely for men. The American promises were not applicable to anyone but a man, a white man. With women being heard and breaking the mold of conservative white men, any person of color was still discriminated against. Any promise made to the American people now did not include any one of color. When the African people were trafficked to the United Stated to serve the white people, they were not considered up to par as the “white man”. Not until the Civil Act of 1964 were African Americans

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