History, Family Structure, And Culture Essay

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Belize has been historically known for its tourism for several of years. This first started dating back about 2000 years ago when the Ancient Mayans were introduced. We have learned so much about their culture and history thanks to years of research and the help of archaeologists excavating several Mayan ruins in Belize. Although the number of Mayans still alive today has greatly reduced they still had a major impact to our culture as shown through the many challenges they had to overcome and the discoveries that they made. Some of the topics that will be addressed will be geography, history, family structure, and culture.
The Mayans are known for their diversity as they are divided into three different regions; the northern highlands, the central lowlands, and the southern highlands. The overall name for this was called Mesoamerica which spreads across five different countries. These countries were Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador. There are different groups that make up the Mayans. According to Lafond (1996), “Some of the largest Maya groups are found in Mexico, the most important of these being the Yucatects, the Tzotzil, and the Tzeltal.” Specifically, in Belize, they are comprised of three Mayans groups; the Kekchi Maya, the Yucatec Maya, and the Mopan Mayans. The Kekchi Mayans immigrated from San Pedro in Guatemala then to Belize where they occupied eight villages, specifically in the Toledo district. The Yucatects migrated from South Mexico and…
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