History: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Great Depression Essay

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Could whites and Indians have lived peaceably in the trans-Mississippi West? I do not think that the whites and Indians could have lived peacefully in the trans-Mississippi West. I believe this is because of the ways the Indians were living and hunting. Also with how the whites were not concerned with their customs and only had a one track mind on what they wanted of their land. The government “attempted” to keep peace by pressuring the Indians into treaties that were only broken and then new ones would be made. The government was not looking out for the tribes best interest either because they forced more restrictive agreements on the Indians which led to a war in the west between the whites and Indians. Looking back on the history, I…show more content…
Who deserves more credit for making the United States an industrial powerhouse – industrialists or workers? I believe the workers deserve more credit for making the United States an industrial powerhouse. The industrialists invented their products and that they deserve credit for and then starting their industry but the workers were the ones keeping it a float, making their product. In 1860, 4.3 million workers were working to run all the factories, mills and shops in the United States. For example, in the 1880s the Pennsylvania Railroad had nearly 50,000 people on its payroll. Their jobs ranged from setting schedules, rates to determine costs and profits, and a level of coordination that ran this business. Not even to mention what the workers had to go through during the good and bad times of being a worker. Workers would have sixty hours a week and would earn on average five hundred dollars, if you were a poverty level you would earn about six hundred dollars. They would have to keep pace with the machines and had no benefits. Women only made one-half of what men would make and children only earned one-third of what the men did. Supply and demands made wages so low and 35,000 workers a year died on the job in factories. Workers had to go on strike and fight for union and benefits which was no easy task with the low income. They went through the hardships to survive and provide for their families while the industrialists were getting profit from the
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