Essay on History From Reconstruction Through Ww1

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This survey paper will explore the early events of Reconstruction during and immediately after the Civil War. The topics that will be addressed in this survey paper will be the Thirteenth Amendment, the Freedmen's Bureau, the Black Code, the Fourteenth Amendment and finally some political and social achievements of Reconstruction. Reconstruction to African Americans began as a feeling of joy and triumph for their freedom which was taken away quicker than it took to receive but it just wasn't called slavery anymore. Emancipation Proclamation/The Thirteenth Amendment The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 issued by President Lincoln was set up to free blacks from slavery. Soon after Congress enacted and the states ratified the…show more content…
All major black colleges in the south were either founded by or received aid from, the bureau. Government employees helped former slaves find jobs, negotiated terms of labor contracts, and investigated claims of unfair treatment. The Freedmen's Bureau became the only guardian of civil rights the former slaves could turn to. Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard was appointed to head the agency. Though his personal integrity was never questioned, Howard's agency was riddled with corruption, inefficiency, and charges of misappropriation of funds. Congress discontinued the Freedmen's Bureau in 1872. (U.S., Statutes at Large, Treaties, and Proclamations of the United States of America, vol. 13 (Boston, 1866), pp. 507-9.) Did You Know? Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard founded the predominantly black Howard University in Washington, DC. The university was named for him, and he served as its third president. Black Code (a.k.a. Jim Crow Laws) White Southerners eagerly wanted to return blacks to their former status as slaves. In order to do this "legally" they began passing new "laws" that appeared to be neutral and fair. Of course in actuality they were specifically designed to repress blacks. Some examples of the Black Codes were (Codes are summarized not verbatim for a complete list see Mississippi Black Code website in citations): "Servants shall not be absent from
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