History HL Paper 3 Europe

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M08/3/HISTX/HP3/ENG/TZ0/EU/M+ MARKSCHEME May 2008 HISTORY – EUROPE Higher Level Paper 3 21 pages –2– M08/3/HISTX/HP3/ENG/TZ0/EU/M+ This markscheme is confidential and for the exclusive use of examiners in this examination session. It is the property of the International Baccalaureate and must not be reproduced or distributed to any other person without the authorization of IB Cardiff. –3– 1. M08/3/HISTX/HP3/ENG/TZ0/EU/M+ To what extent was the French monarchy both the main cause and the main victim of the 1789 French Revolution? This question is about the French monarchy as an institution, not only Louis XVI, thus the first part of the question needs an analysis of the nature of the monarchy, as head of an outdated feudal…show more content…
Meetings were held between 1815 and 1825 at Aix-la-Chapelle, Vienna, Troppau, Verona and St Petersburg. The main aims were to settle disputes by diplomacy and to maintain peace. The main problems they addressed were France, revolutionary movements, unrest in Italy and Spain, the Spanish colonies and Greek revolts. Divergence occurred over whether to intervene militarily to put down revolutionary movements and/or revolts against governments they considered legitimate, and whether this constituted interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. The treatment of France did not cause disagreements, but divisions between the powers and opposition, especially by Britain, to the use of force to support reactionary rule led to the breakdown of the Congress System. Candidates could decide whether the Congress System was therefore a genuine attempt at unified policy, and whether its failure to be expected because of the diverse interests and nature of the Great Powers. Some may comment that it was perhaps a forerunner of the later European Union, and although there were revolutions there was no major war. [0 to 7 marks] for inadequate or irrelevant material. [8 to 10 marks] for narrative of the Congress System with implicit focus. [11 to 13 marks] for explicit focus. [14 to 16 marks] for analysis, structure and focus. [17+ marks] for clear analysis of both parts of the quotation. –6– 4. M08/3/HISTX/HP3/ENG/TZ0/EU/M+ Analyse the main reasons why
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