History Has Always Revolved Around Technological Advances.

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History has always revolved around technological advances. From culture to culture and century to century, whether technological advances were being made for a necessary purpose, or just for entertainment, new technological advances were constantly being discovered. During the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze Age, new technologies followed under the old proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention” because each development was created for a purpose. From early tools and rock carvings to housing, pottery, and writing each invention was historically significant and could contribute to a connection to survival. During the Paleolithic time, many technological inventions were created, each with a necessary purpose. From 130,000 to 10,000…show more content…
The Ice Age had ended and the temperature was getting warmer, which was good for the crops. Since ways of living were changing and there was an increase on crops and cultivation and domestication of animals, new tools and pottery were essential to survival. The “Timeline 2: 500 B.C – A.D. 1500” provides solid evidence that each invention was necessary and crucial. Housing advanced from pithouses to great kivas to roomblocks to villages. Whether it was for social gatherings, storage, or larger living accommodations, each structure was designed for a necessary purpose. People were living longer which meant there were more people in the area so there needed to be more structures available. Housing materials were also advancing. Earthy mud and clay structures advanced to early forms of masonry, where walls were constructed out of stacked stones instead of clay and sticks. Also during this Neolithic period, pottery was evolving. Pottery progressed from brown ware pottery to gray and white pottery to red ware pottery to neckbanded and corrugated gray ware pottery. These different kinds of pottery suggested different forms of usage. The early gray vessels were “mostly jars that were used for cooking and food and water storage” (Timeline). The early white potteries were bowls that were used for serving. White ware pottery was
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