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History of Statistics

Tayeb Daoud
Math Class 410-801
Instructor: Dr. Jacob Dasinger

1: Origin 3
3800 BC 3
3000 BC 3
Sumerians 3
Egyptians 3
1491 BC 4
1017 BC 4
Greeks 4
Romans 4
Blaise Pascal & Pierre De Fermat 4
Carl Friedrich Gauss 4
Gottfried Achenwall 4
John Graunt 4
Thomas Bayes 4
G. Cardano 4
Tippett & Fisher 4
William the Conqueror 4
Francis Galton 4
William Playfair Pioneer of Statistical Graphics 4
2: Statistics and meaning: 5
3- History: 6
4-Conclusion: 9
References 9

1: Origin
At the origin the information storage was found for millions years. A number of items were engraved on bones or woods and rocks (about 35000 years in Europe and 60,000 years in Africa: African middle stone age). Moreover, thanks to the French scientist “Gan Franso Shmelion” who broke the symbols of the ancient Egyptian language using Rosetta stone. He discovered a text in two language and three writings, that one of them was hieroglyph that was written inside the temple. During 3000 BC, Egyptian started to measure time through a calendar based on the three natural cycles (the lunar month, the solar day and the solar year). The Hyksos occupation of Egypt (1648-1540 BC) had more statistics calculation and inventions during this time and where the prophet Joseph was the interpreter of the dreams and time and a counter at that time
Statistics was first used by Al Kindi, (c. 801–873 AD) from Kufa, Baghdad (Iraq, now)…

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