History Is A Repetition Of Events

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History is a repetition of events: war after war, economic crisis after economic crisis, technology outdoing itself as we speak. A line of events that for centuries have been reported by the world’s oldest storytellers: journalists. Yet, the future of journalism itself has never been as uncertain and unpredictable as it has been in the past decade and the role of ‘gatekeepers’ of news has never been more precarious. The digital era has brought traditional journalism to the edge, forcing the industry to update its means in order to sustain the constant commercial pressure it is put under. On some level, the digital era disrupted an already easily corruptible industry, while from another perspective, it has opened new opportunities for innovation and renovation, which could mean the restoring of such criticized profession. It is inferable that the ‘Fourth Estate’, as in journalism acting as a watchdog and as provider of objective and impartial news, is in great danger. The pressure to maximise profits and the frequent censorship, both as a result of government control, and market ownership, have undermined the industry’s professionalism as a whole. At the same time, new media has been claimed to be a dynamic tool to enhance democracy, as it allows citizens to bypass the traditional mainstream news media and to get access to a plurality of information coming from alternative and independent news providers and online watchdog organizations, untouched by any kind of pressure.
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