History Is Almost Always Written By The Winners

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History is almost always written by the winners. As a result, the details of pivotal historical events are often washed as to prevent the dirty, less flattering details to rise to the surface. It is why we need books such as “Lies My Teacher Told Me.” by James W. Loewen to uncover and expose the propogandic style teachings of high school textbooks. In his book, he has detailed his writings that are intended to elicit a thought-provoking question- is our curriculum geared toward immortalizing the great achievements of our nation while keeping the dark, checkered deeds hidden? That is the purpose of his dogma, and this analysis we will uncover what exactly happened that prompted Loewen to release such an argumentative book, as well as weather or not he is right.

We will begin by analysing why Lowen wrote this book. From what has been detailed in the introduction, Loewen states that the process of teaching American History has been “whitewashed”- the achievements of non-whites and women have been swept aside, merely mentioned once every so often. To quote:

"...While there is nothing wrong with optimism, it can become something of a burden for students of color, children of working-class parents, girls who notice the dearth of female historical figures, or members of any group that has not achieved socio-economic success. The optimistic approach prevents any understanding of failure other than blaming the victim. No wonder children of color are alienated. Even for male
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