History Is Not A Series Of Events

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History is not a series of events. It is not a collection of facts and dates, but rather the description of mankind and its relation to itself. It as a meta-psychology for all of humanity. In that viewpoint, questions of humanity’s past self, today’s self, the future’s self, and their relationship arise. Such as this one: How is the opium trade of the 1800s similar to modern day American-Chinese trade? So far, the answer is that the two trades created demonstrable conditions for the Chinese and were motivated by westerners’ desire for cheap goods. This is an important question to ask, as we may not see what we would like to see. The story of humanity is always linked together; as a “disregard for the past will never do us any good. Without it, we cannot truly know who we are” (Syd Moore Quotes). Stumbling across the bloodied battlefield, the blind cannot lead the blind. They may very well walk into the enemy 's trenches. However, in answering this question, we will understand more about ourselves, and therefore be able to change ourselves for the better. We cannot hope to possibly alter our course otherwise. Even though we have a blurry picture of who we are, history can bring that picture into focus. It very often repeats itself, so assuming a situation could not happen again is foolishness, no matter how horrible or wonderful it was. If we do not recognize or search for humanity’s patterns, we may very well find ourselves like a lost sheep. Standing there, at the
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