History & Memory - the Queen

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Explore How 'The Queen' & Two Other Related Texts Of Your Own Choosing Represent History & Memory In Unique & Evocative Ways

History consists of what is known, remembered and recorded about the past in as objective a way as possible. Memory can be a fragmented yet still valid perspective on the past which enables History to fill in the gaps. The concepts of History & Memory are featured in the texts, 'The Queen', a film directed by Stephen Frears, 'Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter' and the documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11' by Michael Moore in a unique and evocative style. All texts are representations or constructs of events which present a point of view containing bias and subjectivity. 'The Queen' released in 2006 uses
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This is juxtaposed with the scene which features the Royal family’s reactions to the news of her death which presents them in a negative light. Her image is reinforced in the Royal families dialogue; Prince Phillip says, "What's she done now?" to which the Queen replies "You know what she's like", both implying their expectation of inappropriate behaviour. This challenges audiences to consider the conflicting perspectives of Diana and question their own memories.

The idea of challenging audience’s memories by presenting people in a different light is also shown in 'Kurt Cobain's Suicide Letter'. In the letter Cobain uses the technique of rhetorical question, as seen in the line "I'm too much of an erratic, moody baby! Do I even have the passion anymore?" to reveal his private yet real persona which uniquely positions readers to challenge their personal and collective memories of Cobain's persona as a public figure as the public was unaware of his "deeply emotional side" as the New York Times wrote when announcing Cobain's death.

Music can serve as a way for the composer to engage audiences and emphasize the feelings that the moment is creating. The music featured through-out 'The Queen' is mostly of a sad and sorrowful tone, especially when shown with images such as the sea of flowers
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