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The Scarlet Letter Reading Guide Directions: As you read each night, pay special attention to these questions/ comments. Be prepared to discuss these issues during class. You should keep notes to aid you in your reading and understanding of the novel. Focus on reading the chapters closely and using the following items to illuminate events that may be difficult to understand at first. I recognize that this is higher level reading, but I urge you to do as much as you can with the novel independently – push yourself. The reading becomes easier as you adapt to Hawthorne’s language and style. Chapter 1 1.Hawthorne establishes a contrast between the darkness of the Puritans and the beauty of the rose.…show more content…
What does this act imply about his character? His relation to Pearl? a.Calms the child and calms her nerves. He seems to have a bit of compassion but it is easily accompanied with bitterness. He has no father/daughter relationship with her, but says it would be good enough for his child. He would do no better for his own child. 3.Why does Chillingworth pass over Hester’s sin and focus his revenge on her lover? Is his attitude logical? In what way is he a guilty party to Hester’s sin? a.He says he has no need to kill her because then he would not know the name. He wants her to live with the doom. He is guilty by marrying her young in a loveless marriage and sending her overseas alone. 4.What promise does Chillingworth elicit from Hester? a.The name and position of the man involved Chapter 5 1.Why does Hester stay in the Puritan settlement? Please note that the narrator suggests more than one possibility. a.Her roots, human nature to stay where traumatic events occur, triumph, she was stained no place would be perfect 2.Describe Hester’s home, using at least two adjectives. Why do you believe Hester chooses this dwelling? What is the symbolic meaning of the location of her house? a. Small thatched cottage, abandoned by earlier settler, not close to anyone else, edge of society, looks at

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