History Of A Hospital At El Paso

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Ana Escobar Ahonen 1302 English D/C 24 February 2016 History of a Nursing in El Paso The second Texas institution opened by the Daughters of Charity was in El Paso, a “frontier town” of only a few thousand residents, when three Daughters of Charity arrived on February 3, 1892. The day the history of nursing in El Paso will always look back to.(TSHAonline.org) These ladies saw a vision to care for the sick that could not be cared for in El Paso. The Charity created the first emergence center to go too, and formed our medical programs and helped lay a foundation to grow on. With the help of the citizens of El Paso the Daughters of Charity opened up “Hotel Dieu” the oldest and most renown hotel. Due to its central location, it was named after a hospital in Paris and built El Paso’s name for their great nursing program. After closing their doors in December 5, 1987, Hotel Dieu, passed down its views on medicine to UTEP. It allowed the university to uphold the reputation for having one of the best nursing programs in Texas. From 1892 until 2016, the school of nursing has adapted to the changes in technologies and surgeries advancing in the field of medicine,therefore impacting all El Pasoans lives who need medical attention. In the late 1800’s to 1900’s a white plague broke out in the United States called tuberculosis (TB), the need for medical attention was both high and demanding.“El Paso 's climate, characterized by mild winters, low rainfall and humidity and abundant
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