History Of Agriculture Education And Ffa

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I was sitting in my history class one day when another classmate walked over to me and asked what my shirt meant. I realized that I was wearing my FFA shirt and then I explained what it was and what I did in it. He still didn’t understand, He asked me “So you are just training to be a farmer basically?” I told him no and then I started to explain all the things I had learned in Ag, from how to tie a tie all the way to how much nutrients you need to add to fertilizer to have healthy plants. He never realized that Agriculture Education isn’t just about farming. My mission in life is to represent Agriculture Education and teach others about it and how much it has to offer people. Through the history of Agriculture education and FFA to the unmeasurable effects it has on people.
Agriculture education and FFA, go hand in hand together since 1928. Agriculture education has actually been around much longer than FFA because records show that the very first form of agriculture education was field husbandry in the 18th century. President Thomas Jefferson took notes on Virginia’s agriculture and rural life so other states could follow this example in 1785. In 1862 and 1890 both of the Morrill Acts were passed by congress, which gave multiple states land so they could teach agriculture mechanics and the benefits agriculture to interested students. In 1917 the Smith-Hughes act passed and that meant that the congress accepted that vocational education needed to be taught in public schools,

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