History Of Air Assault Operations During The Korean War

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History of Air Assault
The purpose behind my topic is to simply show a little insight to the beginnings and processes of how air assault operations came about. The importance aviation played from Korea through Vietnam and onto the complex battlefield that is being fought today. Throughout history we have seen what using aviation and specifically utility based aircraft in a role of something more deliberate such as aerial reconnaissance, troop transport, medevac and logistical missions can do for the ground force commander and become a combat multiplier.
The military realized the importance of aviation during the Korean War due to terrain restrictions and the ability for men and equipment to move further and move faster to a location regardless of the terrain, a great asset when it comes to choosing between walking or flying. After Korea and the beginning of the Vietnam is really when air assault operations took off. The inception of the Air Cavalry in 1965 turned the tide in what we consider to be the foundation of air assault operations on a complex battlefield. One of these operations that will be pointed out in this paper is the battle of Ia Drang Valley which occurred in the fall of 1965 and was received as the first division air assault victory in recorded history. The scale in which that air assault took place was unprecedented and had never been seen before.
During the Korean War the Marines were using helicopters out of necessity because it wasn’t

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