History Of America Essay

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The United States of America is country that has stood proudly for over 250 years. Over these years it has developed a deep and rich history of strife and success. It is in this history that Americans have found great strength and have been able to propel this country forward. Our history is a foundation that fuses this country together and will be the inspiration for our future. The history of the United States is much like the foundation of a building. As they both hold everything up, and without them everything would come crashing down. Our history is what binds us together as Americans, and not just an obscure group of people. This bound that is felt among all Americans is what allowed us to come together and defeat some of the greatest evils that the world had ever seen. When Hitler rose to power in Nazi Germany during World War Two and threatened the Freedoms of not just…show more content…
These trials included the slave trade of African Americans, the putting of Japanese Americans into internment camps, and the genocide of Native Americans. These stains on the history of United States run deep, but because of these horrid acts, and the effects that they had, they have given us the guidance to make sure similar events never come to pass again in the United States. This dark history is also what inspired some of the greatest men to be born in the United States to act and change our nation for the better. Men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who worked endlessly to see the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1968. US history could also never forget great women either like Helen Keller who work endlessly to help expand the rights of women, and most importantly was able get women the right to vote in US elections. Although parts of our history may be dark, they helped us to see the
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