History Of Ancient Greece: Befor Before Democracy

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It's ironic that the country that would be recognized as the birthplace of democratic values contained within it a dynamic mix of government types including the entire spectrum from tyranny to democracy and everything in between. A common quote that comes to mind is that "history is written by the victors", to which Ancient Greek might be the exception. To explain this: the loosely grouped collection of city-states were actually dominated by towards the end of it's free existence by the oligarchic government of the militarly superior Spartans., however, it is the ideas of the Athenians that would primarly be carried far and wide by the concerning Macedonians and live on through the millennia. Nevertheless, we'll examine the different forms of government that existed throughout the empire of Ancient Greece.

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1). All social and political influence was dominated by those who held the most property, your family, and the most wealth and so it was throughout most of Ancient Greece. Aristocracy seemed to be the single most prevalent form of government throughout Greece as even under the guise of democracy or an oligarchy the rich and powerful still held certain political footholds that gave them favor and allowed the to control and often gain wealth and
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