History Of Anesthesia

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History of anesthesia

In the last quarter of the football game the running back Greg breaks his leg. Accidents and injuries happen to everyone; Greg is no exception. As he is rushed to the hospital he thinks of how much pain he is in and how much pain he will be for the next few hours. But what he doesn’t know is how much pain he would be if the medic didn’t give him anesthesia for his broken leg. Greg also doesn’t realize that when his grandfather played football, there wasn’t any anesthesia and that the pain was excruciating. Before him surgery was agony. As you could probably guess I will discuss the history of anesthesia with you. First off anesthesia is medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before and after surgery. The creation of anesthesia was a turning point in history,
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Through extensive research I found that from ancient times too mid-1800s pain in medical procedures could be elevated but never eliminated. Early forms of anesthesia ranges from opium, acupuncture, to herb mixtures. But the medical field has yet to see a huge break through until Dr. Horace Wells discovers, as we know it, laughing gas. It is because of him that you can have painless surgeries, so you can have painless recoveries, so you can bypass the agony. It began when Wells attended a demonstration of laughing gas, known as nitrous. In the late 1800s, laughing gas was a form of entertainment where performers inhaled the gas causing them to laugh, sing, dance, speak, or fight according the leading trait of their character. During the
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