History Of Animal Testing

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Beginning of Animal Testing
Historically animals have been used in scientific experimentation to satisfy the curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. For example, one of the first, known scientists to conduct experiments on living animals, practiced in the 2nd century. Galen of Pergamum was a renowned Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher in the Roman Empire. In his book De Anatomicis Administrationibus (On Anatomical Procedures) he detailed precise experimental methods and instruments to perform specific procedures and dissections on animals. Since the first successful use of anesthesia wasn’t until 1846, Galen, and other scientists he inspired, preformed elaborate and thorough procedures without pain relief. Since then animal testing has been responsible for numerous medical breakthroughs.
Beginning of Cosmetic Animal Testing
Predating the 20th century alone, animal testing led to the creation of the Small Pox Vaccine, Rabbis Vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine, Cholera and Plague Vaccines, and treatment for Beriberi. Between the 1900’s and 1930’s blood transfusions, modern anesthesia, Tetanus Vaccine, and Diphtheria Vaccine relied on animal research. It wasn’t until 1933 when a woman used the brand Lash Lure Mascara
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The European Union is planning to ban animal testing for cosmetics to be by 2009. In the United States, Revlon and Avon were two of the first large companies to halt all cosmetics testing on animals. Some, on the other hand, have debated that the main ingredients in cosmetics have previously been tested on animals. Therefore, their safety is well established, which means that it's 'easier' for companies to find alternatives to test product formulations because most active ingredients have already been approved. As time, technology and technology progress, it is likely that cosmetic animal testing will either decrease or end all
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