History Of Australi A Protected Sacred Site Of Australia

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Although Magamarra is acknowledged as a protected sacred site of Australia, the effectiveness of its legal protection may say otherwise. Discuss the issues being faced by the site and the impact it may have on the sustainable environment of Magamarra.

For Indigenous people of Australia, these sacred sites play an important role for their beliefs, practices, how they were made and how the world was born. Located on the pristine clear waters of the Blyth River in the Northern Territory, the site itself embodies as the final resting place for the ancestors of the Guwowura and Mareang A-Jirra people(1). Although the sacred site have importance to other clans around the area as well. The sacred marine …show more content…

Commercial fishing here destroys our culturual identity. Spiritually we are all connected with living creatures---- if I die, I will be reincarnated to that site.”

To enter Blyth river, fishermen must cross Magamarra before reaching the spot where most Barramundis are found but under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacrd Sites Act, it is restricted(4). The mouth of Blyth river is also registered as a sacred site (1985), preventing the fishermen to enter the property of the traditional custodians. The custodians enjoy the unrestricted access to the site as it is in their rights to use it. Under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976 (NT), more than 98.8 of the land belongs to the Traditional Custodian of the land(5). One custodian has said:

'We want to protect this part of our secret site which affects our cultural identity. Commercisl fishing here destroys our cultural identity. Spiritually we are all connected with living creatures--- if I die, I will be reincarnated to that site '
In April 2011, one fisherman was fined fived thousand dollars for illegal fishing in the water of Magamarra. After the court case occured, one of the traditional custodians commented,
“The river has been flooded and the court case is done so he hasn 't been back but I 'm pretty sure he 'll be back once the weather gets better.”
4. Bertram, R. (2010).

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