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The history of Australian cricket first began in Australia in December 1803. It was in Sydney where the first ever test match occurred. Then just two months later in January 1804 the Sydney Gazette suggested that cricket was already well established around the Sydney state. By 1826, there were numerous cricket clubs that were established including Currency cricket club, the Military cricket club and the Australian cricket club. The venues for the matches were at Hyde Park and the Racecourse. Then just 6 years later in Hobart cricket clubs were formed and later in 1843 in Launceston. Just before the development of cricket in Launceston in 1838 arguably the most exclusive and influential cricket club was formed, the Melbourne cricket club. After this other colonies including South Australia in 1839, and Western Australia in 1835 created new clubs within their state.
There are numerous references to bat and ball games being played in ancient times in England, across Europe and even claims that it all began In China. Originated in the south-east of England and was played by Shepard’s. The word cricket came from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘cricce’, meaning a stick. The balls were originally made of wool, wound cloth or even chunks of wood. In 1938 the balls circumference was specified that it should be between nine and nine quarter inches.

In March 1838 to March 1839 Melbourne cricket club was created. the first cricket match at the ‘MCG’ was played between Military Soldiers and…

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