History Of Beer Brewing Beer And The Styles Of Beer Essay

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This paper is intended to review the history of brewing beer, the differences between the breweries, the trends, the process and ingredients used in brewing beer and the styles of beer. Detailed information will be discussed on how to adequately serve beer with food and how to compliment them together to make them appealing to the public. Beer was invented many centuries ago and was first known as a homemaker skill. Over the years beer has become very popular and technology has made the process of brewing beer less complex and more flavorful allowing for extreme success in the brewing industry.
The history of beer is an extensive one, the actual timing and individual that invented beer is unknown. It is estimated that beer was created by accident over 5,000 years ago. “Hard evidence of beer production dates back about 5,000 years to the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia” (Andrews, 2014.) The concoction to create beer was stumbled upon when bread and wheat got wet and because water was usually contaminated beer became the preferred beverage. Beer is primarily made up of “malt extract, yeast, hops, and water” (Flowers, 2014) these ingredients add the syrup taste, sweetness, and different flavors to the beer while it is being brewed.
Microbrewers sell less than six million barrels a year, macro brewers sell more than six million barrels a year, and brew pubs sell on sight only. Craft brewery’s and regional brewers make less than micro and macro

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