History Of California Agriculture Water And Its Effect On The Economy Of California

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To preserve water here in California is particularly important because it is vital part in our economy. People should me more conscious and aware for the need to preserve water. California has been facing a major drought recently because in the past few years their has been no consistent rainfall or snow. Communities should be following rules and regulations that are mandated by the state and counties. Any efforts to better preserve water should be done because just as simplifying as following rules and regulations can help our state to preserve its water.

Water, an entity that is so powerful and needed across all walks of life. Here particular in California as state have been without any consistent rainfall and snowfall
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to follow. The Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown (, 2015) noted that if everything goes to plan the state could save about 1.5 million acre-feet of water over the next nine months. The water shortage the state is facing is unprecedented. This is why is it is crucial for resident to follow any rules or regulations that are mandated by the state and counties. The State Water Resources Control Board (2015) has implemented new emergency water regulations to be put into effect for residents, business and suppliers (SWRCB, 2015). The snow pack of 2014 was measured here in California’s and was found to be the lowest snowpack in 65 years (, 2015). In the state of California snow is crucial because once the snowmelts it provide enormous amount of water supply. In the Governors executive order he announced certain plans to be implemented to conserve water. The goal of the Governors executive order is to make California a state that can adapt to less water usage (SWRCB, 2015). The order in which Brown announced to save more water will include: the replacement of 50 million square feet of lawns across the state with landscaping that needs less water, a consumer rebate program for those who use more water and energy efficient appliances, public properties must make cuts in water use, new homes and developments to use water-efficient drip irrigation systems, and to ban watering in urban areas (, 2015). Brown in his order
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