History Of Centralized Banking System

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History of Centralized Banking The start of the Federal Reserve and the current issue related to it The history of central banking in America is a very interesting topic that carries a direct impact on today’s banking. The paper focuses on how the centralized banking system started with special emphasis on the First and the Second banks of America and the inception of the Federal banking system. Highlighted also are the circumstances that led to the established of the financial organs alongside the relevance of the Federal Reserve today (Fischer, 2015). The topic directly impacts on how financial crisis and all the economic challenges are being handled today. The Federal Reserve is still the one which regulates all the fiscal activities of America. The Federal Reserve refers to the centralized banking organization of America. The banking system was established early in the 20th century through the adoption of the Federal Reserve legislation. The inception of the central system was majorly triggered by a sequence of fiscal worries specifically the famous 1907 fright. The Federal Reserve Act had notably passed through several hearings, debates alongside changes and was upheld by the majority in the congress. The Federal Reserve System came as the third central banking system of America, after the first and the second banks of America (Bordo, 2015). Initially the country’s bank currency had been viewed as inflexible since it was anchored on the depreciating worth of the
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