History Of Chicano Art

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For my creative project, I intend to tell a story of Chicano’s and a part of their culture that is much more than a hobby. I want to capture what it meant to be a Chicano in the late 1900s and what it means to be one stuck in that era. For decades, one principle of Chicano culture has been bajito y suavecito. The lowriding community can be traced back to the 50s, when Chicano’s began dropping their cars and adding hydraulics. Lowriding is not to be confused with hot-rodding, the need for bubbly, speedy cars; instead Chicano’s care about giving an art show on wheels.Cruising is all about showing off all the hard work put into making the car shine, it’s about showing the true Chicano art. Lowriding is an old-time technique of lowering and streamlining
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