History Of Circuit City Company 's Vision And Background Information

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In this research paper I will describe the history of Circuit City business, who are their competitors, and when the company started and failed. In addition, research will state the company’s vision and background information. Circuit City started in 1949 selling television out of a small town in Richmond, Indiana. It was started by Samuel S. Wurtzel who opened the first Wards Company retail store that quickly turned into a national store chain. The Wurtzel first experiment was in the early 1940s, after World War II, in which he introduced a new entertainment device. By introducing the this new entertainment device in 1949 had tripled in the number of TV stations in the United States. Wurtzel had a friend who knew someone at Olympic Television that was a small manufacturer in Long Island City, NY.
The connections that Wurtzel used his new connections with bankers and business people in Richmond. Wurtzel decided to move his family from New York to Virginia. He started selling televisions out of the front half of the store on Broad Street, a few blocks west of downtown Richmond (Romero, 2014). The first name of the business was called Wards which were the names of the family; W for Wurtzel, A is for his son Alan, R for his wife named Ruth, and S is for Sam. Wurtzel approached the business in a different way instead of competing directly with the big department stores, his approach to cater for low-income consumers by offering them installment plays so they can have a…

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