History Of Commonwealth Facilities Used For Commonwealth Games

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The Landcorp as land authority trading in Western Australia has granted approval from minister of planning in July 2008 for redevelopment plan Perry Lakes sport facilities used for commonwealth games venue in 1962 to become a new residential area. The Landcorp proposed to subdivide the area to build four type housing with a unique characteristic. The character of the building could help the redevelopment to achieve the goals which will believe to benefit the existing community for example a sport facility in AK reserves would have new funding to increase facilities from Perry Lakes redevelopment land sale. However, the special characteristic of the area including some features of former Perry Lakes sport facilities that become iconic and historical part of commonwealth games will still preserve. In addition, the redevelopment is also supporting infill development that is believed by the proponent would benefit for whole city of Perth through increasing density. Higher density with new residential area using remaining land in the urban area means that the community will use the existing infrastructure by maximizing the use of city resources such as transportation services, education and leisure facilities (Council 2015).

The site location is in the Town of Cambridge and the suburban of the site is Floreat. The redevelopment area comprises 15.56 hectares. The site is bounded by Alderbury St to the north, Brookdale St to the east, while the south and the west area are bounded…

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