History Of Dentistry As A Degree Profession Data

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Human beings learn from the past, attaining knowledge from repetition or mistakes. The science of dentistry is not an exception to this. When comparing the nowadays dental care with dental practice in the past, dental professionals and patients as well will realize of how far dentistry science had breakthrough. The origins of dentistry as a degree profession data from 1840 when Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris founded the world’s first modern dental society, the American Society of Dental Surgeons, which eventually formed into the American Dental Association (Delta Dental, 2016). Since then dental protocols had been analyzed and modified for a better upshot, but always realizing that procedures in the past were not successfully like they are nowadays. Thirty years ago treatments in dentistry had a poor outcome, mainly because not enough variety of restorative materials to perform fillings, to fabricate crowns and along with that the patient knowledge about oral disease prevention was low. In the 80s the options of dental materials and technology to restore teeth were limited. For example, if a patient needed a crown the dentist could only offer a full metal crown for molars and a porcelain fused to metal. According to the dental lab and the patient 's request, the doctor could order to fabricate the crown with a precious metal like yellow gold. The outcome of full metal crowns was successful to the point where patients who paid for those crowns had them intact years

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