History Of Education And The Problem Of The Nation

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History in Schools and the Problem of “The Nation” is a peer review journal article based on the history of educational institutions and errors of educators both past and present. Terry Haydn wrote this journal; Haydn is a professor of Education at the School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia. This article was published in December of 2012 while at the University in Norwich, UK. This peer review article examines the popularity of a form of school history. This notion is based mainly on the idea that the communication of a progressive narrative about the country’s past will teach the young students a sense of loyalty to the state or nationalism. This theory implies that students will respect and uphold national…show more content…
Haydn believes that through understanding and truth no agenda setting should exist in education. This history of education borrows principals from ethics as well. In our text, ethical standards and the attributes of the academic institutions that uphold and abide by them are key. Our text “Teachers, school, and society” states that societal views often shape school curriculum, Haydn would agree. In his research, Haydn shows how England employs traditional model of school history on every level of education.
It wasn’t until 1991 when England moved away from such practices. But here in the United States of America one can say we are still promoting and often encourage the traditional model of history in schools. A perfect example is school’s curriculum of historical eras such as slavery and the discovery of America. Schools often leave out the facts. Genocide is a word that is almost often never used. But American history begins with the genocide of the natives. The narrative in schools nationwide is not that. Children are given the picture of Christopher Columbus and the natives sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving. But in reality, Columbus rapped and pillaged as settlers took over the Americas. Haydn suggests academic institutions should move away from
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