History Of Education

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As I read the first few pages of the book, I am in full agreement with authors’ opinions and statements. We are expecting the American educational system to ensure that all students succeed and at the same time to endure drastic cuts to school budgets, it is an ironic conundrum. The authors’ viewpoint that the socio-economic standing of students plays a significant factor in students being able to graduate from high school and the ability to be successful the years after graduation I believe is very accurate.

Dufour and Marzano (2012) provide a refreshing viewpoint on strategies that will improve schools and dismiss the notions that recruiting the best teachers, providing merit pay or more money will make a difference. School
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Chapter Two describes the school district’s role in implementing PLCs. As previously mentioned, it is my belief that school leadership needs to execute and provide the appropriate conditions for a successful implementation of a program. I concur with Dufour & Marzano (2012) as they cite the following “Much harm has been done to public education and to the ideas of equity and excellence” by poor implementation of site-based management. Schlechty (2015). One way to destroy an implementation of PLCs is to also have many additional initiatives at the same time. The authors, cite Reeves (2011) in that educators will get “initiative fatigue” when educators are involved in too many short term and long-term projects. It is common sense that if educators are engaged in too many projects at one time, each individual project will become convoluted and less meaningful. If PLCs are to be successful, the superintendent and the central office need to have a clear focus and communication so that the PLC process can become embedded into the culture of their school districts.

Chapter Three focuses on the Principal being an indirect link to student’s achievement through their collaboration with the teaching staff. This is a notion that I am not in total agreement. A school principal’s role can vary from district to district, from
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