History Of Garden City Michigan And How It Became A City

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The history of Garden City Michigan and how it became a city today and how policing began. Today policing has changed tremendously by providing high levels of service for our customers within the community. Today there are so many major issues that affect city with budget cuts, technology and the population within their society. Garden City originated when Andrew Jackson transferred 160 acres of land to john lathers in the 1800’s. The city was patterned after the “Garden City” concept that became popular in England during the 19th century. These home sites were sectioned off into acre plots to allow adequate farming area to support the families with fruit and vegetables. In 1927, Garden city was incorporated as a village. However by 1935 Garden City was reincorporated as a city and developed a suburban garden community .Garden City was a community for gardening. The cities that surround this community is Westland, Livonia and Inkster, eventually these farming communities were broken from lots to subdivisions. In 1969 garden city had an opportunity to purchase Napkin Township but they declined the offer. In 1927 Garden City Michigan was a fully fledged city, with a population of 2000 citizens.1927-1932. (Macfie, 1976) It is believed that the first school in what is now Garden City was a log cabin built sometime between 1840 and 1845. This was a one room frame school was built a, it around 1847, it was called the East Nankin School, it was used until the 1950s, Although the

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