History Of Global Brigades Is A Student Lead, Non Profit Organization

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History of Global Brigades Global Brigades is a student-lead, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering university students and under-resourced communities to resolve global health as well as economical disparities. The organization was originally founded in 2003 by students out of Marquette University in a partnership with Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos as Global Medical Relief to provide medical care to rural communities in Honduras. The following year, Global Medical Relief began expanding, establishing chapters at University of Southern California and University of Michigan. In 2005, Global Medical Relief was disbanded and Global Medical Brigades was established. In the following years, Global Brigades chapters expanded to universities across the US, Canada, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. In 2008, Global Brigades expanded to Panama, and in 2011 a site in Ghana was established. At the start of 2012 the organization also began operations in Nicaragua as well (Global Brigades, 2014). It began solely as a medical relief organization, but every year, students began to see the same problem over and over again. They realized that there were underlying challenges that were the real cause of the health issues they were seeing. Thus, the holistic model and the nine different chapters of Global Brigades were developed. The various chapters of Global Brigades–Medical, Dental, Public Health, Water, Microfinance, Business, Architecture, Human Rights, and

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