History Of Haitong Food Group

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Haitong food group co.
Haitong Food Group Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise specializing in fruit and vegetable manufacturing. Founded in 1985, in 2000 the establishment of a joint stock limited company. Haitong food group has formed a management mode with two big business groups and seven business departments. 6 production zones are located separately in Cixi, Yuyao and Ninghai of Zhejiang Province, Yichang of Hubei province, Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province and Shanghai, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 MT. Chen Longhai is the chairman of Haitong food group, is responsible for the operation of Haitong food group.
Haitong food group was founded in 1985, the main production of quick-frozen, dehydration, canned, condensed, tones, baking, etc. All of these make Haitong Food Group a large-scale factory on agricultural products and food processing, and also won the honor as one of the first national new and leading enterprises. Haitong food group has established a comprehensive and effective system for food safety and quality control. Haitong food group chairman Chen Longhai (2013) said: "the Haitong food group through decades of development, expanding trade
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Haitong group chairman assistant Chen Jingjing (2013) said: "with the increasing of female employment rates in China, more and more women prefer to buy frozen food is not willing to go to cooking. This is the development of China's frozen food provides a unique opportunity." This includes not only economic benefits but also the brand effect. If a company has a social consciousness, it can be over the whole society to carry out production.It will take the interests of society into consideration and achieve a better

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