History Of Hemophilia

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History of Hemophilia
Hemophilia a blood disease was discovered by people in ancient time. They wrote about the bleeding problem and about blood before they even knew about the clotting process of blood. It was just a little before the world war II that physicians discovered a protein in the blood that cause of hemophilia A. Later Hemophilia had been seen as a royal disease (HOG). This was due to the passing gene of hemophilia in the royal family. The England Queen, Queen victoria who has the gene of hemophilia passed it to her one son Leopold and her two daughters Beatrice and Alice. And Beatrice's daughter who is also the carrier of hemophilia and married to the Spanish royal family and passed it to her son.Alice other daughters of
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They are also easily prone to internal bleeding. The process of blood clothing over an injured area involves steps . Platelets are blood cells that found in the blood that are responsible for the clotting of blood. Fiest Platelets cells form a plug that sticks to the damaged area, and then it is covered by a fiber that is like a lasting bandage to the injured area (human disease). In the formation of fibrin, their are thirteen different chemicals that are involved known as clotting factors (human disease). This is one of the chemicals hemophiliacs lack or they don't have enough amount in their body and their body may not be able to form fibrin when there is a small cut or a severe damage. Different groups of hemophilia have been discovered (human disease). Type A, B, and C. Out of this three types type A hemophilia is the common one, it is caused by the deficiency of factor VIII (Kahn, A). Type A and B hemophilia can be mild moderate or severe. According to the NHLBI, 8 out 10 people have hemophilia and 7 out of ten people will have a severe case of hemophilia (NHLBI). Type B and type A, hemophilia have similarities but hemophiliac's with type B have a low level of IX clotting (NHLBI). The other type of hemophilia is type C which is the mildest form of hemophilia and caused by a deficiency of clotting factor XI (mayo…show more content…
The signs and symptoms of hemophilia vary based on the level of the clotting factors. If there is a mild level of clotting factor, the bleeding occurs after a trauma or surgery. In a severe case, the patient may suffer from spontaneous bleeding (mayo clinic). When there is a severe case of hemophilia, there will be frequent bleeding into the joints , a small blow to the head may result in bleeding inside the skull and brain and injury to the mouth may result in crushing of the airways. Below are some of the common symptoms of hemophilia:
Excessive or unexplained bleeding during or after surgery or dental work.( Kahn,
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